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The Rules Of The Scratch Ticket

Want to test scratch cards? It couldn’t be easier as a gambling game. The rules are childish and the gains are real. These games of chance are a huge success, without having a specific audience. Whether the tickets are physical or virtual, the level of fun is at its maximum. Here is what you need to know about the rules and the options available to you before you try the scratch card adventure.
The basic rules: understand them to start your gaming sessions
The scratch card is good entertainment that is fun, fast and very easy to understand. Anyone can try their luck. Just scratch off the areas on the map, often gray, silver or black. No need for a coin, only your computer mouse will do. Hold down the left or right mouse button and move the mouse to see your result. Depending on the card you have chosen, you may see several elements:
•The amount of your gain : the most obvious;
• Symbols : you have to put together a winning combination, often identical designs;
• Numbers : they must appear in the game grid.
You can also have specific rules of the game, in which case you have to stick to them.
Focus on the options that allow you to play the scratch ticket in France or in Europe
In France and in Europe, you have two options for scratching the cards: physical tickets and virtual tickets.
For physical tickets, you have to go to the nearest tobacconist, buy a ticket, scratch it, and then return it to the shop if you won. It takes a little time and money. It is only the FDJ (Française Des Jeux) which has the monopoly. On average, you have to pay $ 2 for a ticket.
For virtual tickets, everything has been done on the internet for a few years and you alone choose the platform that interests you. The choice is huge and all themes are covered. It is also easier to win, with smaller stakes, between 20 and 50 cents.