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The online programme is designed as a six week programme that you and your child will work on together.  Each week you will tackle a different behaviour change that will help to manage your child’s weight and help them to make healthier choices in the future. 
The weekly topics are as follows:


Week 1 – Introduction and Healthy breakfasts

Week 2 – The Eatwell guide and me-sized meals

Week 3 – Sugar and fat swaps

Week 4 – Food Label reading

Week 5 – Activity vs inactivity

Week 6 – Eating outside of the home and course review


There are downloadable booklets and additional resources to accompany the online programme which contain useful information for you to keep as reference during the programme and to help you continue with your changes throughout your child’s development.

To complete each week you will be asked some simple questions to unlock the following topic.

The idea is for you to make the changes for the week, then the following week of the programme will be unlocked and ready for you to access.

Before you begin the programme, please download the child’s programme diary here.